Recent Visit to the Antelope Valley Poppies

Despite the news about the shriveling poppies due to the recent heat, I wanted to go anyway.  The most recent report was that although it was the densest poppy germination anyone’s seen in a decade, the large showing never came because the poppies started to shrivel quickly in the record-breaking March heat.  So I drove out to the Antelope Valley poppy fields in Lancaster, CA to see for myself.

These are taken near a hill that I got to by driving down a dirt road marked 160th, by turning from the Lancaster Rd./ 160th intersection.




There is some pretty purple found in here.  The purple flowers were so soft!  I learned these are called owl clover.  And the poppies, if you’ve never touched them, are silky to the touch.



The normal areas where I would see orange painted everywhere were barren.  All areas around the actual reserve were void of poppies as well.  If you look off into the hills, you can see a little painted here and there though.



Evidence of the shriveling petals 😦


An area just off of Lancaster Rd.  The yellow flowers formed a pretty blanket, but last year there were also many poppies sprinkled in here too.




I still had a nice time and enjoyed the open land and nature around me.  It’s just too bad that’s how this year’s bloom worked out.  Well, until next year then.  I’ll scout out some other flowers in the meantime.

Sharon 🙂


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