Freezer Paper Stencils!

Freezer paper stenciled shirts have been one of my favorite projects to do over the last 8 or so years since I found out that this existed!  It’s an easy way to get a really nice custom t-shirt without all of the supplies and extra steps of screen printing.  I use the same ink that is used in screen printing: Speedball fabric ink: this kind The big difference really is that the designs for freezer paper stencils can only be used once and usually you can just do one color.  So it is a little bit simpler, but I’ve had shirts that I’ve washed for years and still look great.

The process goes like this: you find a design or text on your computer, print it out onto a special paper that is waxy on one side, use an Xacto knife to cut out the design, iron the paper waxy side down onto your shirt, apply the screen printing ink, wait 2 hours, peel off the paper, then heat-set the design with an iron for a few minutes with a piece of fabric in-between.

This is the paper I use: freezer paper Also, I use a stippling brush to apply the ink and apply it in a stippling fashion, not brushing like you would on a painting.  The brush is like this: stipple brush  These supplies combined with the Speedball ink really make it into a quality product.  Also, for dark shirts be sure to use the opaque ink only or the ink won’t be vibrant.

A link to my etsy shop where I like to sell some of my t-shirt designs: Sharon’s Designs on etsy


The more skilled you are with a blade, the more detailed designs you can end up making, like the Buffalo ’66 one above.



Enjoy!  The possibilities are endless!

Sharon 🙂


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